Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Adventures of Little Lily Rae

Hello Daylily Friends,

I have been so distressed because my connection with the internet has been out for at least a week.  Yesterday Diana Rae talked to a representative of AT&T and expressed our considerable disappointment with the quality of their service.  Actually this loss of internet connection is the third time that this has happened over the past three weeks.  Then, someone from AT&T called and I pointed out that they are not the sole provider of internet service.  Tonight we are back on the internet, so I can post.

This past Sunday we were so privileged here at the Cobb County Daylily Society to have Guy and Karen Pierce to come and speak to our Club.  We flew them up from Orlando, Florida, to Atlanta, Georgia, where they rented a car.  David and Camilla, and Diana and I then met Guy and Karen at a local restaurant.  After lunch Guy and Karen walked through our Garden.  I was so glad that they came but mostly all they saw was only green foilage and newly planted seedlings.  Guy was interested in what we are doing, but we had to hurry to get to our daylily meeting on time.  At the meeting we had over 60 in attendance.  After Guy and Karen gave their presentation I was given only 5 minutes to take a picture of our Club with Guy and Karen.  I'm showing the picture.  Guy and Karen gave an outstanding program, and we are really glad they came to visit with us.

Then, on Monday morning, I took Beautiful Lily Rae to her first Choir practice.  There were about 12 other mothers there with their children, and although I was the only male present, Little Lily Rae was proud to be with her Grandfather.  She smiled, she was precious, and she did so well with her "music."  In the picture that I'm showing, Little Lily Rae is playing with what appear to be two "black eggs" that have objects inside.  Kelley Rae tells me that these are called "Maracas."  The dictionary says that a Maraca is like a dried gord with seeds inside.  Anyway, Little Lily Rae kept to the rhythm of the music.  After the Choir practice all the Choir members were given what I would call "batons."  I gave these to Little Lily Rae when we returned home, and she played them with joy.  I would sing the song, "Merily, Merily life is but a dream," and again, lily used her batons to keep time. 

On Tuesday I drove down to Bainbridge, Georgia, to visit with the Southwest Georgia Daylily Society.  What a journey; just wonderful!  The Club made arrangements for me to stay at the "Holiday Inn Express and Suites."  What a grand room.  King size bed, extremely large bathroon, two televisions, a sitting room, a refrigerator, a microwave, and the room was on the top floor.  Claudia Miller met me at the Inn, and I followed her to the meeting where I made a very unfortunate discovery.  I left my computer cord in my hotel room.  So Claudia's son, Drew, rode with me back to the Inn where I got the cord.  Because of my mistake with the cord I fouled up the time and didn't get a picture of the Club.  Still, it was such a fun visit.  Thanks to everyone for making the visit so delightful.

When I got back home I was so glad to see Little Lily Rae.  She was crawling on the floor, and when she saw me she opened both arms wide apart for me to pick her up.  She truly loves her Grandfather.  I fed Lily Rae her lunch, and then she took her nap.  When she got up she went everywhere.  She has started to lift herself up, and she now stands unassisted.  I'm showing a picture of Little Lily Rae in front of the Ottoman in the Living Room.  As I say, she just stood up, balanced herself, and started playing with her Choir "batons."  Then, tonight, we all went to Wednesday night Church Supper.  Everybody comes over to see Little Lily Rae.  Our Pastor, Rev. Sam Matthews, always comes and holds her.  I know that Pastor Sam really likes and adores Little Lily Rae.  I even took a picture of Little Lily Rae sitting between her Grandmother and her Mother tonight.  Lily Rae just has "fun" everywhere she goes.  After we came home Kelley Rae gave Little Lily Rae her bath.  She likes her bath and she splashes and giggles and entertains all of us.  She is the best!



  1. It's good to see Guy and Karen out speaking to clubs. I was wondering if they got out and did a program very often. I would love to get them at our club next year.


  2. Hi Marlon,

    I'm not sure of their travel schedule, but they are truly busy growing great daylilies!