Saturday, September 15, 2012

Today is a Good Day!

Hello Daylily Friends,

This morning Diana and I went walking through the garden.  First, Diana noticed a beautiful double.  She called me to come and see and I couldn't believe what we were seeing.  It was a daylily that I moved several weeks ago from somewhere else in the garden, and it had a number which was 11-244.  It was so unusual because it had a green edge with teeth, and then, as I say, the double flower.  I will keep an eye on this little beauty.  It will grow outside during this coming winter.  As we walked toward the back of the garden I then saw another double and called Diana.  I thought that it was quite nice, but Diana was really surprised by all of the teeth.  I went to the house and got my "garden book" and gave this seedling a number which is 2-483.  The cross is as follows:  (Wild Hair x Fantastic Fringe).  I'm certainly not trying to grow doubles, but they continue to show themselves.  Next spring I'll be watching 11-244 and 2-483.

Diana and I also saw a "herd of deer" next door on the front yard of our neighbors, Hugh and Sue.  There must have been 9 or 10 deer, but by the time I got close enough to get a picture we could only see 5 deer.  The deer sometimes cause trouble in our garden, and I've noticed lately that they have been coming into the back yard close to the daylilies and they are eating "muscadines."  I can tell that they have been putting their bodies under the foilage and eating the grapes.  Better that they eat the grapes rather than our daylilies.

Also I have to tell you more about the work that David and I did in planting seedlings.  I am so fortunate to have David's help because I just couldn't do the work, by myself, without his help.  We planted four rows of seedlings in a shorter bed, and then after it was all finished it looked so nice.  The seedlings are so perfect in their four rows.  Actually, David pointed out to me that we could get five rows of seedlings in a bed.  However, we are close to being finished for the year, and so next year we might add an additional row.

Today, September 15, 2012,  is a particularly important day because it is Little Lily Rae's first birthday.  Kelley took several pictures of Little Lily Rae, and I just have to show you one picture.  She is so little and so beautiful.  No matter how many doubles we grow, now matter how many introductions we have, we will never have a beauty like Little Lily Rae.  Today is a good day!



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