Tuesday, October 16, 2012

By The Golden Rule

Hello Daylily Friends,

I have been trying to convert a small yellow diploid that is named, BY THE GOLDEN RULE.  It was hybridized by Kamensky in 2005.  I received the plant from my friend, Robert Grenkowitz, who lives in Washington, Michigan.  The first year that I tried to make the conversion I made no progress because the plant just kept producing scapes and flowers.  During the second year it ceased its incredible production of plants and flowers, and instead of trying to convert it in a traditional one-gallon container, I tried something new.  I put six plants in four inch, round containers, that are only three and one half inches tall.  I did this because this particular daylily seemed to have smaller roots.  Also, after I cut the daylilies to apply Colchicine, I decided to treat each plant only once a day, and I actually applied the Colchicine only once in the morning.  Moreover, I applied the Colchicine for only three days.  I used the decreased amount of Colchicine because the plants themselves were small, and I just didn't want to risk killing too many plants with too much Colchicine.  I am pleased to say that I lost only one of six plants.  I still have one other small plant, but three of the original six are doing quite nicely.  I'm showing two of these.  The two treated plants that I'm showing look converted, but I will have to see the pollen to know for certain whether I've been successful.

On another note, I'm pleased to report that Little Lily Rae said a new word today.  The new word was "Book."  Diana called to me from the family room and asked me to listen to Lily.  I immediately went into the room, and clearly I heard Lily Rae say "Book," with an emphasis on the pronunciation of the "k" sound.  It was just fabulous!  I had mentioned two of Lily Rae's two books to her many times, but it never occurred to me that she was paying attention to the sound of the word.  But then, viola,she said "Book" a number of times!

I also have to tell you that I built stationary posts, and put in a new swing for Little Lily Rae.  The swing is higher than I would like, so I have to be careful in using it with her.  I have to make sure that she is securely in the swing before I do anything.  In fact, I like to have Diana with me when we use the swing to make sure that Lily Rae is safely in the swing before we have any fun.  Once Lily Rae is in the swing though, we do indeed have fun.  I am showing a photo of Lily Rae in the swing.  She really enjoys the swing and kicks with her legs.

More news soon.


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