Friday, October 26, 2012

They are all Planted!

Good Morning Daylily Friends,

Wow.  I finally have all of my seedlings planted.  What a job!  Never again will I make so many seeds, because growing the seeds, and then getting them all planted, is a whopper of a task.  I must say that the seeds that are growing outside look great.  I'm reasonably hopeful that I should receive about 90% bloom regardless of how warm or cold our winter becomes.  In the Greenhouse I should receive this same percentage of bloom.  Also, I have 7 other rows that will be blooming after their second winter.  Evaluating all of these plants will be a long term, intensive effort during the spring and summer.  I thought I might show two pictures that I took this morning in the Greenhouse.  I must also add that without the help of my good friend David Arthur, I could not have possibly done all of this work.  Even with David's help, the entire task wasn't finished until Thursday afternoon, October 25, 2012.

I also have to say that Stamile's LACY ALL OVER is one fine daylily, and I'm showing a picture of it that I took this morning in the Greenhouse.  I have also seen it bloom outside many times, and it is pod and pollen fertile.  It always has a lovely edge.  Indeed, I do not recall seeing it "hang," except for one or two instances, and this is even though it has marvelous, lacy edges.  I particularly like its height, and the fact that its flowers are 7 inches.  It has good substance.  One of the flowers that I've worked on converting is TET. EVELYN GATES.  My good friend Larry had it converted, but I wanted to get it to 100% tetraploid, and I'm hopeful that I've done this.  I want to cross TET. EVELYN GATES with a number of whites, like LACY ALL OVER, just because I like whites.

I have to also tell you about Little Lily Rae.  On Monday she opened Diana's cabinet door, and she promptly removed the cups, the coffee container, and the napkins.  She is just such an explorer.  Diana then had the idea that we should put toys in the cabinet so that when she opened it again, she would find her ball, and her books, and even her "sticks."  Sure enough, she opened the door, and she just had a wonderful adventure.  Later in the afternoon we went to Kohls, the department store, and Lily Rae really liked their extremely large mirrors.  She just had to reach out and touch her reflection.

This Friday afternoon Diana and I are going to our Sunday School Retreat.  It will be good to be with friends for the week-end.



  1. Bill,

    I can relate to all the hard work involved with lining out the seedlings. I've been detailing some the exact same work in my small yard on my blog. Check out the latest installment. It seems I have to discard some of my seedlings because I run out of room, so I try and pick what I think are the best crosses. Even if I do run out of room and feel strongly enough about a cross, I try and find a container to put the seedlings in until I have room. It's a lot of hard work isn't it? The results are worth it. Hope to send you some of my intros for 2013 in a couple of weeks. Hurricane Sandy is suppose to affect Ohio's weather for the next week, so it will be too tough to dig this week. All the best to you and Diana and the rest of the family.

  2. Hi Paul,

    I also have to discard some seedlings. Not many though. I tried and did my best this fall to plant all that I had. I'm glad that I finished when I did because the weather here has also been unfortunate from Sandy. The wind blows so hard and there has been no rain. Of course, the people in New York and New Jersey have taken a beating from the rain. What I see on TV is so sad.

    You could wait until next spring to send seedlings. It may be too late to move them. In fact I've got to help someone with a daylily garden but I'm sure that it is much too late to plant seedlings.

    Thanks for your note!