Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Charles and Heidi Douglas

Hello Daylily Friends,

Both Saturday and Sunday were wonderful "daylily days."  On Saturday morning Diana and I drove to the meeting of the Greater Atlanta Daylily Society.  It was good to see friends, and then to quickly see Charles and Heidi Douglas made everything even better.  As Diana drove our car into the parking lot she saw Charles carrying pots of daylilies into the meeting, and she blew her "horn" at him.  Charles jumped, and soon we all had a good laugh.  We were so glad to get to see Charles and Heidi's show, we had an auction, had a grand lunch, and then drove back to the house.  Charles and Heidi came to visit, and we walked through the garden and through the Greenhouse.  There is never enough time to talk about daylilies.  Soon Charles and Heidi had to go, but what a great "daylily Saturday."

Let me also add that if you have a need for a speaker, Charles and Heidi are the best.  Charles and Heidi speak together and it is like a dialogue, or an interesting conversation.  Also, their Browns Ferry Garden is the best.  Every kind of daylily that you can imagine, and all on gorgeous grounds.  Everything is grown in a pot, and the daylilies are easy to purchase and transport.  They are the best in hybridizing, and Heidi has done wonderful things using ROSE F. KENNEDY.  If you ever are in a position to visit their garden in Georgetown, South Carolina, be sure that you stop.

On Sunday morning I got up early and loaded our car with daylilies to take to the Birmingham Daylily Club.  The drive over was easy, and it only took about 2 1/2 hours.  When we arrived we saw our good friend Mera, and then we also saw our good friends, Jesse and Terah George, who are well known for their JTM Gardens in Jasper, Alabama.  We had a wonderful lunch, and soon the meeting started.  I just thoroughly enjoy talking about daylilies, and I finished my talk within a reasonable time, and then stopped.  We had a wonderful auction, and it was just like summer had come in February.  I was able to get a picture of the Club.  Can you see little Harley on her knees to my immediate left?

Back out in the garden yesterday I got a row finished, and ready to plant.  Did more work on several other garden rows, getting them ready for spring.  And Diana Rae has planted her tomatoes.  They are growing on the counter in the kitchen. Once they all sprout she will take them to the Greenhouse.

More news soon.



  1. Bill, Charles and Heidi are two of the best people I know in the daylily world and outside of of it. I am blessed to live so near to them and called them close friends. They have helped me more than words can express and I will always be grateful. Like you stated if you have never been to Brownsferry Gardens you need to visit and see some of the best plants in the world. Take care Bill and look forward to more greenhouse bloom pictures real soon.


  2. Hi Marlon,

    Thanks for your message about Charles and Heidi. We're so pleased to have them as our friends.

    In the Greenhouse I'm looking forward to the first bloom on a seedling. It should come any day, and as quick as it happens I will make a post and show a picture.

    I'm also expecting a bloom, possible tomorrow, on Bill Maryott's "PRICKLY SENSATION." Last year I crossed PRICKLY SENSATION with Stamile's conversion of TET. TERRY LYNINGER, but all of the plants are growing outside. Will have to wait to see them in late June or early July. I really like PRICKLY SENSATION, and I may cross it with other orange daylilies that I have such as TET. ORANGE VELVET, or perhaps with daylilies that have "teeth."

    Again, thanks for your message!