Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lily Rae's Fingernails!

Hello Daylily Friends,

We've had a wonderful week in the Greenhouse.  Some of the mature plants and some of the seedlings have begun to bloom.  I particularly like Bill Maryott's PRICKLY SENSATION.  I like its applique throat, I like its tentacles, and I like its color.  Last spring I crossed it with TET. TERRY LYLINGER, and all of the seedlings from this cross are growing outside.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the blooms in later June or perhaps in July.  Since we've had a good, cold winter, I should know a lot about the seedlings when they bloom.

My first selection this year is Seedling 3-300.  I'm showing a picture.  I am puzzled by this seedling.  The cross is between my Seedling 1-300 (Wild Hair x Fantastic Fringe), as the pod parent, and pollen from my own CHILLED ORANGE SORBET.  I don't understand what happened to the orange color from CHILLED ORANGE SORBET, and I don't understand what happened to the teeth that are on 1-300.  I selected 3-300 because it is so tall with 4-way branching in the Greenhouse.  The teeth may show up when it blooms again outside next year.

I have to tell you also about Paul Owen from North Carolina.  He spoke last week-end at the Region 5 (Georgia) meeting in Macon, Georgia.  Really enjoyed listening to Paul.  He loves daylilies and so I can see that we are kindred souls.  After listening to Paul's show I can also say that he knows how to be financially successful: Paul is very bright.  I bought several of his flowers because they are beautiful, because they are dormant, and because Paul showed the branching on the flowers.  Thanks Paul for coming to visit Region 5.  Oh, let me also add that I purchased Stamile's CRAZY ARMS, from Tim Bell.  Tim often sells plants at our Region 5 meeting to help benefit the Region.  Thanks Tim for CRAZY ARMS.  This will help me in working with spiders this coming spring.

I also have to tell about Little Lily Rae and her fingernails.  They were getting a little long, and so Diana Rae took the clippers and cut them.  Little Lily Rae did not like the experience.  She complained for a few moments, but then it was all over.  To make the situation better Diana Rae gave some "Puffs" to Little Lily Rae. This made everything good.  Lily Rae loves the Puffs.  She will eat them and have the best time chewing them with her new set of pure white teeth.  I'm showing two pictures.

Looking forward to seeing more and more blooms.



  1. Bill,

    Love Prickly Sensation and can't wait to see what you get from it. Your yellow seedling is nice too. A quick word about hybridizing spider daylilies. I remember emailing Pat Stamile about spider hybridizing and he said the tough thing about hybridizing spiders is it is very difficult to set pods. He suggested to me two reliable pod setters from his introductions and those were Rolling Raven and Bali Watercolor. Thought I would mention it in case you were interested. Good luck with all your efforts!

  2. Thanks Paul,

    I will look up ROLLING RAVEN and BALI WATERCOLOR. I have found that folks who you might not have thought would be attracted to spiders and unusual forms, are often truly attracted. I have graduated, and now I like these forms very much. I'm going to create a good spider!

    I am so excited to begin making seeds. And I also must add that I had forgotten about my seedling from 2011 which was TWENTY CARROT: a genuine, hard core, dormant. I dug it up since a customer wanted it, and I had four extra fans. I went to make the tags and saw that it had a 7" flower, and 6-way branching, on a very tall scape. I'm going to cross it with TET. ORANGE VELVET, and with several of the crosses that I made using TET. ORANGE VELVET. There are so many opportunities for making new daylilies.

    I also must mention the flower, CRIMSON COWBOY that I purchased from Guy Pierce. This daylily has 8-way branching! I am so impressed. I'm going to use it with my reds.

    Thanks a bunch for your message.


  3. Bill, I would suggest you take a look at Marietta Gardens in NC for some really good spiders. Elizabeth Shooter has some outstanding ones and most are dormants. The only kicker is most are dips so you would have to convert them.


  4. Bill,

    I have quite a bit of the Shooter's things. Will be happy to bring some over for you to convert.