Wednesday, May 29, 2013

BIG Double Daylily!

Hello Daylily Friends,

This past Sunday evening it was obvious that TET. SUNGLASSES NEEDED was going to bloom on Monday morning.  The last time that I looked at the bud on Sunday evening, it was just massive in size.  I'm sure that there have been larger buds in terms of length of the bud, but this particular bud measured seven inches around the middle of the bud.  Yes, I did say "seven inches."  I took a picture of the bud so that everyone could see its massive size.  Then on Monday morning I went with Lily Rae to the Greenhouse to see the bloom.  Oh, it was such a large bloom.  In fact I think I can easily say that the bloom is as big as my head.  Indeed, seeing this bloom makes it easier to understand how Seedlings 3-392 (See Post on 4-27-13), 3-394 and 3-397 (See Post on 5-2-13), were all nine inches in diameter.

Well, later in the morning I took a picture of just the bloom itself.  I realize that it is sometimes difficult to judge the size of a bloom without some perspective.  So, I took a measuring tape and just laid it across the face of the bloom.    There is no question but that the size of the bloom is larger than nine inches.  Never in my life have I seen a double daylily so large.  This again goes to demonstrate the power of conversions.  I could have worked for years without getting anything this large, but with conversion work it is done quickly, and seeds and new blooms are also made quickly.

Well Lily Rae has new Sandals.  Her Dad bought her a new dress and new Sandals, and Lily Rae was so pleased with her appearance.  She likes to walk on the grass in the Sandals, and she is such a lady in her beautiful dress.  Her Dad is a good shopper, especially for shoes.  Later in the morning Grandmother Diana Rae was showing Lily Rae the fish in our pond.  Lily Rae adores the fish.  She likes their colors and she likes to see them move.  Lily Rae is the best!

The outside garden is really growing well.  Many plants, however, are shorter than they would be because of the late cold snaps we had with the weather.  I've got to quit making seeds in the Greenhouse, and now focus on the possibilities in the outside garden.



  1. WOW to SUNGLASSES NEEDED....that is a special conversion. Does it take days for it
    to open??
    I have several scapes appearing on your plants you sent. I had potted them up & have been growing them in a small plastic greenhouse to protect them with changes in our weather ..Love Lilly Rae's new sandals/dress...she is the Best..;)

  2. Hi Lori,

    The difference in time, (1) from the appearance of the bloom shown above, on this blog, to (2) the actual bloom you see above, was only about 10 hours. So, it does not takes "days to open." It is blooming again this morning, and I'm hoping to find some pollen. I'll have to store the pollen because I don't have a plant where it can be used.

    Hope so much that our plants do well for you, but it make take two seasons.

    Little Lily Rae really enjoys the garden. She is particularly enjoying seeing the nests in the bird houses. She looks inside the nests to see the eggs and the birds. I tell her that the nests are like her bed. That the nests are where the birds sleep.

    Thanks for your note!