Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Visiting My Friend Larry.

Hello Daylily Friends,

On Thursday I drove 4 1/2 hours to go and visit my friends, Larry and Cindy Grace, at their home in Newton, Alabama.  Actually, I got up at about 4:30 a.m., and left our house at about 5:10 a.m.  I gained one hour because Larry and Cindy are on Central time, whereas we here in Georgia are on Eastern Standard time.  I called Larry shortly before I arrived, and I'm glad that I did because Larry said that I could drive directly to the Greenhouse.  Walking into the front door of the Greenhouse I could see that Larry has done so much work.  So many conversions, and so, so much progress.  Larry gets up long before the Sun appears, and he doesn't
go to sleep until deep into the evening.  I can't recall ever having seen anyone work as hard as Larry does, day after day.  Larry is meticulous in his "record keeping," and there are always notable daylily friends dropping by.  For example, while I was with Larry, Jeff and Elizabeth Salter came by to visit.  When it came time for
supper, Larry and Cindy prepared "Cornish Hens."  Larry cooked them on the Grill, and they were great.

How do you like Larry's Garden hat?  He needed that hat on Thursday in Alabama where the temperature was 92 degrees.

Well there is so much that I could report about in Larry's garden, but I will just focus on two daylilies.  The first daylily is Seedling 554-10.  It is just a fabulous red.  Indeed, I have never seen a red with the color of 554-10.  It has wonderful branching, and a wonderful eye, and a deep green throat.  It is pod and pollen fertile, and I predict that it will be an introduction for which there will be high demand.  Finally, I would note that 554-10 is a late bloomer; it will extend our gardening seasons.  The second daylily that I particularly noticed is 330-8.  I understand from Larry that it is pod and pollen fertile, and I wish that I had been able to grow this beauty.  One of the parents is 998-6, which I was fortunate to grow, and this is probably where 330-8 gets its chartreuse edge.  I would highly recommend the purchase of Larry's Seedlings 554-10 and 330-8.

Well I must tell you about the new seedling that Larry is guesting in my garden.  I really liked this seedling, which does not yet have a number, and I had really wanted to use it to make seeds.  However, I "busted" the scape.  So, I planted it in my outside garden.  It will grow well over this coming summer, and next year I will know its measurements since it will be growing outside during our coming 2013-14 winter.

Thanks again to Larry and Cindy for their friendship, and for that wonderful Cornish Hen supper.  And their home made Lemonade made everything taste even better!

More daylily news coming soon.



  1. Hi Bill, I envy you getting to visit Larry's greenhouse. Just looking at the pictures give me goose bumps. That first picture looks like one serious hybridizer at work. lol Seedling 330-8 looks wonderful and judging by the seedling number that one should be on the market very soon. I can't wait to see Larry's program next weekend!! Wish I could video it for future reference.

    Take care

  2. Hi Marlon,

    I learn so much whenever I visit with Larry: he is so knowledgeable! I'm reasonably sure that both 554-10 and 330-8 will be released this coming fall.

    I would note that Larry did not pose for any of the pictures that I've shown. He is so serious about his work. I'm also surprised that he has so many visitors, but sometimes there are visitors who may not be able to see the depth of his efforts. In fact, although I like circular rings in daylily patterns, Larry has so many that they became "common" to me in just a short time.

    You will be glad that you get the chance to see his program.

    I should also add that in my picture I did not, by any means, capture the depth of the red color in 554-10. The red in this seedling is just "Red Infatuation." Now there is a potential name for a daylily.


  3. Bill,

    Love the red seedling. My guess is that Larry's intro, Ultimate Sacrifice is in the parentage. While you were visiting Larry's with the Salters, I was visiting the Salter's with their garden manager, Steve Martin. I was down in Florida this weekend. I hit the usual places. Always a good time seeing what all the Florida boys are working on. I believe I may have taken in excess of 600 picturs. My poor wife Kyle got dragged to each of these nurseries. She is a saint. Of course we did spend some quality time at New Smyrna beach. I'll have to email you a couple photos. Hope all is well.
    Did you set any pods with Tet. Pink Stripes?