Sunday, May 19, 2013

HOTLANTA wins the Region 5 Best Seedling Award.

Hello Daylily Friends,

Last week-end Diana and I drove to Valdosta, Georgia, to participate in the Regional Meeting for Region 5 here in Georgia.  We had been working so hard for so long here in our own garden, that we welcomed the chance to get away for the week-end.  Of course, getting away for us is usually visiting with our daylily friends.  We first went to a chicken dinner at Tim Bell's garden, and of course we enjoyed the auction that Tim conducted for the Region.  On Saturday morning we were privileged to visit many gardens, but when we reached Wynn's Daylily Garden I was in for a
surprise.  Diana and our Club Secretary, Nancy Green, both allowed me to take their picture at the Garden's higway sign.  I soon met Gene Wynn, and of course I soon walked by the "Enman Joiner Seedling Bed."  I was then very surprised to see my seedling, HOTLANTA, growing in the bed.  With Gene's help, I later recalled that I had, indeed, given the plant to Gene for display in the seedling bed, but I had just "forgotten" that this had happened.  At the Regional Meeting members of Region 5 voted by secret ballot as to their favorite seedling, and HOTLANTA was chosen.  I was so, so pleased.  In fact, I was later given a check for $100.00 for winning the contest.   I also found that I had given Gene several fans of both BLAZING CANNONS and LITTLE JACKIE PAPER, but neither of these plants were blooming.  However, I sold all of my fans of BLAZING CANNONS, and so it will be wonderful to receive some fans back from Gene.  I hope to have about 25 additional fans this coming fall.  Thanks Gene for growing HOTLANTA so well such that everyone was pleased with this flower.

This past week-end we had our Show Clinic in preparation for our joint daylily show with the Atlanta Club, which will take place at the Galleria Mall on Saturday, June 8, 2013.  Our Club members met here at our house on Saturday morning, and we had a wonderful breakfast.  Several members recalled that I had said that I liked sausage and egg casseroles, and there were many to choose from.  Everything tasted so good.  It had rained all night on Friday evening, and more rain was predicted for Saturday, but it was holding off during our breakfast.  Then, suddenly, the rain came. 
We then all took our chairs and rushed to our side porch where we soon held our Clinic.  Our instructor was Jim Mullins who has been very successful in growing and displaying his daylilies.  Jim is an expert in presentation, and he instructed us on many points to remember in showing our own daylilies.  Thanks Jim for your hard work!

Well, today is Sunday, and
we've had many new seedlings in the Greenhouse.  I've kept good journals, and I'm now gathering seeds.  I hope to get plenty of the seeds planted by the middle of June.  I intend to see 90% of my seedlings bloom outside after growing for less than a year.  One of my Greenhouse Seedlings is 3-421, and the parentage is as follows: (1-341 {Spiney Sea Urchin x Gnashing of Teeth} x Gnashing of Teeth).  Seedling 3-421 is not very tall, but it has a 7" flower as is shown by the measuring tape.  I have solid plans as to how this seedling will be used.  Also, today we had two of our friends come to visit our garden who we met this past winter when we traveled to St. Louis.  Carolyn Myers and Judy Schneider had both been to Florida, and they stopped by our garden on their way home.  We had such a wonderful visit, and we regretted to see Carolyn and Judy leave.  We could have talked about daylilies for many more hours.

I also must say that we've been blessed to have had so much rain.  It just is making our daylilies grow so well.  Soon, the news will be from our outside gardens.



  1. Bill, Hotlanta has some very vibrant color. I'm sure it will sell out quickly once you put a price on it. It's beautiful like it is but a fringy green edge would be icing on the cake. We have been working hard and putting the final touches on the summer regional which is less than 3 weeks away now. Larry Grace is our guest speaker and I'm so looking forward to meeting him and Cindy and it will be an honar to have the master of pastels to visit our gardens. Bloom is getting more numerous everyday and I think I counted about 25 different seedlings blooming this morning. Take care


  2. Hi Marlon,

    Your Club is very fortunate to have Larry coming to visit as a Guest Speaker. He is so knowledgeable, and of course he won the "Stout Medal" with his introduction of J. T. DAVIS. Be sure that this is mentioned to your Club because Larry probably will not even bring up this incredibly significant accomplishment.

    The future is so bright for HOTLANTA. There are many very outstanding hybridizers in Region 5, and for HOTLANTA to win this award based on appearance in the Garden is a genuine good thing. I will someday get a green edge on it, and already I'm crossing it with other similar plants and with several conversions. I can hardly wait to get it introduced in 2015.

    The number of outside scapes is so exciting because it signals that everything is new again!

    Thanks for your note.


  3. Bill,

    Hey, congratulations on Hotlanta winning the seedling contest. I've been meaning to update you on all the dayliiies you sent me last fall. Blazing Cannons, Little Jackie Paper, Red Sapphire, and Kennesaw Horizons are all doing well. We had a very cold April, but as far as recovery from the winter, Little Jackie Paper seemed unaffected. I'll try and remember to send you pictures of their foliage. We've had a really HOT May and we really need some rain. Look forward to seeing all of them bloom!

  4. Thanks Paul for the report on the introductions. I really would like to know how the plants do with survival and with performance. I would particularly like to know how they do with blooms, and height and branching. I'm also particularly interested in BLAZING CANNONS. I want to know if it produces the wonderful scape with its 7" flower there in Ohio.

    I hope that Ohio avoids last year's drought. Surely such a bad thing will not occur two years in a row.

    Thanks for the congratulations on the win by HOTLANTA. It is truly a very good daylily.