Thursday, May 9, 2013

Oh, Lily Rae!

Hello Daylily Friends,

I've just got to tell about one of Little Lily Rae's adventures this morning.  We went on our morning walk, and we went by one of my tractors at my barn.  Lily Rae wanted to sit in the "driver's seat," and so of course I put her in the seat.  Before I did, however, I asked Grandmother Diana Rae to go to the opposite side of the tractor just to be sure that Little Lily Rae was safe.  Well I put Lily Rae in the driver's seat, and she immediately reached for the steering wheel, and in just a flash, she was reaching for the forward gear.  Little Lily Rae was ready for action once she got behind the "steering wheel."  She is such a treat, and she makes our days so much better when she is here.  We love and adore this precious little child.

I've also got to mention a seedling that bloomed this morning.  It is so new that I haven't even given it a seedling number, but I was so impressed with the flower that I had to keep it even though it has only a few buds, and no branching.  It is a cross between the following parents:  (Little Jackie Paper x Tet. Rose F. Kennedy).  What I liked about the flower was the intense green eye, and the strong color of the self.  It may eventually have branching since it is probably a dormant, or probably leans toward dormancy, based on what I know about the two parents.  We'll just have to wait and see.  I normally would have passed over such a flower, but the green in the eye was just too intense.

I also have to mention Seedling 3-355.  For some odd reason I did not write down the number of branches or the bud count on this seedling, but I kept crossing it with pollen from Seedling 11-293, which is a dormant.  In fact, I made a post about 11-293 back on June 11, 2011.  You might consider going back to the older blog to look at the picture of the flower.  Anyway, I was crossing pollen from 11-293 to Seedling 3-355, but until today I didn't really realize how many pods I had set.  I'm showing a picture.  Keep in mind that 3-355 has only been living for 9 months, and already it is covered with multiple pods with seeds.

I have to also report that a "King Snake" has entered my Greenhouse.  Many of you will remember when I posted back on April 5, 2011, and on April 27, 2012, that I've had previous experience with King Snakes.  In my initial Greenhouse encounter I killed a King Snake with my shovel.  This time I just took a picture of the King Snakes, and left him alone.  I did notice, however, that he emerged from underneath my refrigerator.  I was quite startled to see him.  Over the past several years I've noticed a Lizard who normally lives underneath the refrigerator, but over the last few days I've seen him darting about.  I had thought that he was growing more tolerant of me, but now that I've seen the King Snake, I think that my Lizard is "on the run."  I will say again, anything that lives outside a Greenhouse, can, in fact, ultimately find a way into the Greenhouse.

Diana and I are looking forward to this coming week-end.  It will be a chance to be with many daylily friends, and to also celebrate "Mother's Day."



  1. Wow amazing pod fertility! Hopefully it will produce excellent seedlings for you. Just for your info my 1 fan of Balzing Cannons has split into 4 fans and has a huge scape on the way. Looking forward to seeing bloom and hopefully it sets pods well.


  2. Lily Rae is ready to handle that tractor....Just adorable!!
    & the zoo in the GH is growing...don't you get a turtle there also?
    I like your seedling shown...very intense green for sure...;)

  3. Hi Marlon. BLAZING CANNONS sets pods very well. I have 3 pods set on mine and two more scapes emerging.