Monday, July 22, 2013


Hello Daylily Friends,

I have been through a "washing machine" that churned with too much agitation.  Indeed, it has been a journey to get to the right name for HEAVENLY SUNRISE.  The name chosen just had to have universal appeal, and it had to be a name that signified something significant, and even great.  I am very surprised that the name I've chosen was  not taken.  I had thought that I could certainly use the name, RAE OF SUNSHINE.  However, the name RAY OF SUNSHINE has been used, and under the AHS rules, names that are spelled differently but sound the same can't be selected.  I would note that the name "Rae" is important to me because it is the middle name of my wife, Diana, my daughter Kelley, and of my beautiful grand daughter, little Lily Rae.  Now that I've taken the journey to HEAVENLY SUNRISE, I just want everyone to know how grateful I am for your help.  I was particularly helped by your thoughts in moving me away from the name "gold" so as to arrive instead at the name "sunrise."  I have to also report that last night it "rained" quite a bit, but this morning when I got up and went to the garden, I found HEAVENLY SUNRISE looking as beautiful as ever.  I'm showing this morning's picture of HEAVENLY SUNRISE.

In the process of finding a name for HEAVENLY SUNRISE, I actually backed into a name for one of my seedlings.  The new name for Seedling 3-374 is CHEROKEE GOLD.  I found that the word, Dahlonega, is actually a Cherokee Indian name that means yellow money.  After gold was discovered in Dahlonega the Cherokee Indians were removed, and sent on the "Trail of Tears" to Oklahoma.  Sad history.  So, I decided that the name CHEROKEE GOLD was most appropriate.

I have to also tell about Seedling 3-452.  I have been really working to have a new introduction out of TET. DREAMWORLD.  I have made a number of crosses, and I've changed back and forth from one plant to another trying to find the best new daylily.  At first I was against using 3-452 because it had only 2 branches, although it did have five (5) large proliferations.  I had thought that I would only have a plant with proliferations, but with insufficient branching.  Then, over the past several weeks I've noticed a new scape.  This new scape has at least 3 laterals, and it will certainly
produce the same flower that was produced by the first scape.  So this morning I took a picture of the new scape.  It just goes to show that a gardener can't be too certain in making choices for a new flower.  I'm really pleased with where I am with Seedling 3-452.  I know for certain that I will have a flower that is over 30" tall with three (3) laterals, and a 6 1/2" flower.  There are two more questions:  whether 3-452 is a dormant or a semi-evergreen, and whether it is pod fertile.  I will know the answers soon.

Can't wait to go to the AHS National Convention this coming Thursday.  We will leave early in the morning, and I'm scheduled to give a talk on "Improving the Odds of Getting an Introduction Quality Seedling."  The presentation will last for 25 minutes, and I'm looking forward to speaking on the subject.  This will be the first time that I will have ever spoken at an AHS National Convention.  This is just a real privilege.  I just finished arranging the slides for the "show" this evening, and now I've got to make sure that I stay within the 25 minute speaking time allotment.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the AHS National Convention!



  1. Hi Bill,
    The name you decided on is "Heavenly" ;)....
    & I like the other name you chose for the goodness you sure "work" over a name...
    You Betcha on attending your presentation on sister & I leave Wed., so we can pick up our packets on Thurs. a.m.
    See Ya soon.;)

  2. Hi bill,
    I was wondering how long we (hemeromaniacs) will have to wait for Cherokee Gold to be introduced? I have already figured a few crosses I need to make with CG.
    Thanks a bunch
    Zachary Hickey
    Orange MA

  3. Lori,

    The time that I will have to speak, as I may have mentioned, is 25 minutes. I'm going to include as much as I can that I think will be helpful, and I'm so pleased that you are coming!


  4. Hi Zachary,

    If I could market CHEROKEE GOLD tomorrow, I'm sure that I could sell at least 50 to 75 because, as far as I know, there isn't another massive double of that size, anywhere. I am going to keep the fans that I have in the Greenhouse this coming winter so as to grow them as well as I can. If I can get to 50 fans then it will probably be offered for sale. I would expect that it will be available when everyone comes here for the AHS National Convention in 2015.