Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lily Rae and the "Apples"

Hello Daylily Friends,

Sometimes it is just important to speak about the success of what you've seen, and this is particularly true with Stamile's introduction from back in 2008 of FANCY LACE.  While the flower is registered to be 27" tall, I have found it to be 30" tall.  More important, I've seen 5-way branching with 3 laterals, and a glorious white flower with a yellow edge, and a green throat.  Stamile reports that FANCY LACE has 25 to 30 buds, which I can easily see,  and it is very fertile.  When Stamile registered FANCY LACE he said that it was a "sister" to SNOW CRYSTAL.  Well, there is
no comparison between the two.  FANCY LACE is by far the superior flower.  I bought one fan of FANCY LACE from Nan Riply after she was the successful purchaser at an auction.  At first I grew FANCY LACE in the Greenhouse, and then this past winter I grew it outside with the cold weather.  I have never seen a better white than FANCY LACE.  I'm showing two pictures.  One is of the flower, and the other shows the scape.  I also like the dark colored anthers on the stamen; this adds to the beauty of the flower.  I wish that I had purchased FANCY LACE years ago.

I've got to tell everyone why I haven't posted this past week.  I've been working with the "Bobcat" to move wood chips.  My friend Stan cuts down trees for a living, and he brings his wood chips here to our house, and I use the woods chips around the Greenhouse and in the garden.  In order to use the Bobcat, Stan had to apply "tracks" around the wheels.  This helps to keep the Bobcat operational, and makes the work much easier.  In fact, without the tracks, I couldn't use the Bobcat.  I finished work with the Bobcat today, and Little Lily Rae came over for an inspection.  She was delighted to get to
see the Bobcat, and she distinctly and correctly pronounces the name "Bobcat."  Also, the apples on our trees are growing bigger by the day.  Lily Rae also had to go and see the apples.  She notices everything!

I've had some wonderful blooms on several of my seedlings.  One bloom in particular is very nice.  It is Seedling 8-197, and the parentage is as follows:  [(Leslie Renee x Angels Gather Around) x (Leslie Renee x Angels Gather Around)].  It is 30" tall with 3 and 4 way branching.  Each scape has about 18 buds, and it has a 5 1/2" flower.  My friend David Arthur says that 8-197 has the best green edge that he has yet seen.  I've got plans on how to use it this coming spring with another of my seedlings.  As soon as I can get a better picture of the seedling I expect to use I will post about the flower.  I've had chances to take a good picture but I've just been too busy with other tasks.

Another seedling that I've enjoyed is 1-317, and the parentage is as follows:  (God Save the Queen x Red Eyed Radiance).  Its height has been 32" with 3 and 4 way branching, 16 buds, and a 7" flower.  I recognize that GOD SAVE THE QUEEN has darker colors, but RED EYED RADIANCE has conversion parentage that emphasizes its pink color.  I've been pleased to see the colors we have on 1-317, and I like the protrubrances on the edges of the petals.

We're really looking forward to going to the AHS National Convention next week in Minneapolis.  Diana and I will serve as "Bus Captains," and we look forward to seeing many of our daylily friends.



  1. Bill,

    Love the seedling out of God Save the Queen and Red Eyed Radiance. Your daylilies are really looking good here in Ohio. Red Sapphire and Blazing Cannons are in bloom today. Two of my favorites. I'll email a picture. Hope all is well.

  2. Thanks Paul. Looking forward to receiving your pictures! Glad to hear RED SAPPHIRE and BLAZING CANNONS are doing so well.

  3. Hi Bill,
    Sweet photos of Lilly Rae checking out the "Bobcat" & apples...She is such a delight! Oh, & your DL photos are delightful too;) See you @ the AHS National ;)
    Daylilies? You Betcha!!!

  4. Thanks Lori. I hope that you can perhaps hear my presentation this coming Thursday at the National. It will begin at 2:25 p.m., and will be for 25 minutes. I'm using the pictures that you've mentioned in the show.