Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cool Clear Water.

Hello Daylily Friends,

Well we've certainly had cold weather to arrive, and there has been plenty of rain.  In fact, in the last two days we've had about 3" of rain.  Then, this morning, I walked out to go to the Greenhouse, and there was a light covering of snow.  Not much snow, but it isn't even Thanksgiving.  One thing that has to be understood in growing daylilies is that this is not a tropical plant.  It likes cold, nasty winter weather.  In fact, the colder and wetter it is in the winter, the better the daylilies perform the following spring.  I thought that I would show a picture of my garden that I saw this morning.

Well my last post was about conversions.  I went into considerable detail about how I do this work.  One subject that I covered was the application of water.  I always try to make sure that a daylily is "dry" before it is treated.  I actually put the daylilies that I've just treated into my small Greenhouse where they stayed from October 29, 2013.  They were then brought into my basement for treatment on Nov.13, 2013.  Now, today, Nov. 27, 2013, is the first time these daylilies have had any water for 29 days.  Makes me think of the old Song, "Cool, Clear Water."  The song was written by Bob Nolan in 1936, and is about his experience with his mule named Dan, and a mirage in the desert.  One line in the song reads: "Old Dan and I with throats burned dry, for water, cool, clear water."  Well my daylilies have been parched as well, but for a good purpose.  I'm showing the one daylily that I've used as a focal point, and then I'm showing it after it has had a drink of "cool, clear water."  Oh the plant looks so refreshed.

The water that I use comes from a well that is 350 feet deep in the ground, and we had to drill through solid rock to find it.  This water is, indeed, cool and clear.  I will keep everyone posted as to the progress of my conversion effort as it happens in real time.

Another aspect of my conversion work is that I keep a Journal of what I do.  I write down when the work begins, and I make notes about how each plant responds to the treatment.  I write down what I do to each plant, and all of this helps me to better understand the process.  I'm showing two pages from my Journal. If a plant does not absorb Colchicine, I write this down.  If a plant just absorbs the chemical way too fast, I write this down, and look for a cause.  I try to keep up with the dates because this helps me to know for sure whether the process that I'm following is good or needs adjustment.  Records make a big difference.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  I have plenty for which to be grateful, including my beautiful wife, Diana Rae, who makes me very happy.  Over the last several years I've been listening to the reports on the TV history channel about the Civil War.  It would seem impossible that President Abraham Lincoln, after having lost several beloved children, after having the nation go to war against itself, and after endured so much pain, particularly with the deaths of friends and with the mental issues that his wife endured, could have had a thought about "Thanksgiving." Well, miraculously, he did.  So, I certainly can say, with a happy heart, I'm grateful for Kelley, for my Church, for my friends, and for daylilies.  I'm particularly grateful for Little Lily Rae because she is always happy and glad to see us.  Lily Rae, Grandpa loves you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

ADDENDUM:  After reading Paul's note, posted below, I thought that I would post a picture of the four of us sitting at the Dinner table having Thanksgiving dinner.  Dinner was prepared by my beautiful wife, Diana Rae, and I must say that the Turkey was the best ever.  We also had a Pecan Pie that was sold to us by a young man raising money for his school.  It was the best Pecan Pie ever. 



  1. Happy Thanksgiving Bill and Diana, and to the entire Waldrop family! Boy Lily Rae is growing up fast! Bill, when will your new intros be posted? Can't wait to see them.

  2. Hi Paul,

    So glad to hear from you and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Yesterday was a special day with Little Lily Rae. In fact, on the blog I'm posting a picture of the four of us at Thanksgiving day Dinner cooked by Ms. Diana.

    I should have the daylilies posted within the next two weeks. I've sent everything to Jeanette and she should be able to get them done within this time. The brochures are made and that is finished.

    I am so delighted with my work with the conversions. I'm again making considerable progress.

    I know Christmas is coming and I'm looking forward to next spring.