Friday, December 6, 2013

Our 2014 Introductions are Now Posted on our Website.

Hello Daylily Friends,

I'm delighted to report that our 2014 introductions are now posted on our website:  Hope that you enjoy looking at our new daylilies.  It has taken some time to get them posted, and we're proud of what we are able to offer.  Thanks for visiting our website.

I also have to report an "unfortunate" experience that I've just had with my 2009 GMC Sierra truck.  This truck has 26,550 miles on it, and my birthday will be on December 11, 2013.  So, I have to renew my emissions sticker for my truck, as required by Georgia law.  I went a few blocks from my house to American Service Station where I've had the emissions test done in the past, and when I went in they asked me if I also wanted to get an oil change.  I said "yes," and then the surprises began.  First, I was told that my truck failed the emissions test because the seal on my gas cap was not sufficient.  I was then told that I would have to buy a new gas cap.  I was upset at the "failure report," and so I asked for my truck back so that I could go to the GMC dealership, and buy one there.  When my truck was backed out of the service stall, engine oil poured out.  Something was obviously not done correctly.  This was "fixed," and shorthly afterward I had to pay over $30.00 for the new gas cap.  When I went back to the Service Station with my new gas cap, my truck passed inspection.  I decided to watch the testing process, and I took a few pictures.  It turns out that the computer system used by the Service Station is 16 years old, and the caps they use to test my gas cap are part of this system.  I was told that this often happens with both GMC and Chevrolet trucks.  I wonder if this has anything to do with the attachment caps that the service station uses.  I only know for sure that the oil change was initially a botched job, and that I had to spend over $50.00 to get the paper work for my emissions test.  I think something in this process is goofy.

Well, I want to report what I've seen in the Greenhouse with my attempt to convert LORI'S BLOND CURLS.  This daylily was hybridized by my friend, Nan Riply from Iowa, and I'm trying to get it converted for Nan.  One thing that I've noticed when I'm working to convert a daylily is that roots are seen below the new plant.  First a few roots, and then more are added.  I think that when this happens there is much hope that the conversion work has been successful.

Last year I tossed out our Christmas tree that we've had for quite a few years.  The lights were burned out, and I couldn't repair the problem.  Also, the tree was just too big.  So, the tree went to the trash pile.  Then, this past week-end. Little Lily Rae was coming for a visit, and I had to have a tree for Lily Rae.  So, I bought one that has changing light colors.  Lily Rae loved the tree, and she particularly likes Grandpa's yellow hat.  Little Lily Rae is the best!   



  1. Bill,

    We have our emissions tested here in northeast Ohio and I've hated the process ever since they started doing it, but I understand why they are doing it. Like you I have failed due to a faulty gas cap, which I think is ridiculous. Your truck is fairly new and has low mileage. I don't think your gas cap was faulty and would point the finger at their testing equipment. It's clear to me that this service station screwed up your oil change. My guess is they either didn't hand tighten on your oil filter tight enough or snug up the oil pan drain bolt enough. Either way, I would avoid going back to this service station in the future.
    Hey, I love your intros. I'm sure you will sell out of a couple very fast. I seem to remember somebody complementing the Sting on Facebook, saying they saw it in your greenhouse and was very impressed with it. Anyway, hope your holidays are going well otherwise!

  2. Hi Paul,

    Yes, I agree with you. The whole mix-up with the Service Station broke me of using that station again. I also am suspicious of the failed test since my truck is basically new.

    I also have to report that I'm still working in the Greenhouse trying to get ready for Spring. It takes so much time to do this work and it takes continuing effort. Fortunately I like the work!

    Many thanks for your note. It is great to get a message.


    1. Bill,

      We have emissions testing here in Tennessee, also. A couple years ago on my 2004 Trailblazer, the seam at the top of the tank was defective and I had to purchase a new tank - over $1000.00 if I remember correctly. I think the inspection, the city, the state, and the auto manufactures are in cahoots to take us for what they can.

      I, too, think your intros are super.

  3. Lee I am in agreement. GMC didn't mind that I had been told to buy a new gas cap. I think that the Service Station wanted me to buy it from them. Either way, I feel that I was not treated fairly.

    I couldn't go to another place for inspection because I would have to have paid another fee, and this would have been unacceptable to the State of Georgia. So, having what I believed to be a perfectly good gas cap, I still had to purchase another gas cap.

    I regret that I had to pay the $50.00 + dollars, but I'm glad that they didn't get after me for a $1,000.00.

    Another thing is that this emissions law only applies in metro Atlanta. It doesn't apply in the other counties. Oh well.


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