Monday, June 16, 2014

Seedling 4-582.

Hello Daylily Friends,

I've been so fortunate this summer to have seen so many new blooms on daylilies that will eventually be introductions.  I've had plenty of blooms that "have teeth," but to see one bloom that is just far above what we normally see, is just more than can be imagined.  Seedling 4-582 meets and exceeds this description.  I walked into the garden this past Thursday morning, and saw the first bloom on 4-582.  I was so excited that I immediately went to get my tripod so that I could take a picture.  The flower is so special because the red color is a nice shade of red, and the teeth are so pronounced, especially on the sepals.  The measurements are all "outside" measurements, and are likely permanent measurements.  Then, this past weekend, Diana and I went to the Region 5 Spring Regional meeting, and when we came back home this past Sunday morning, there was a second bloom on 4-582.  Wow!  What a bloom!  I just had to tell the story of this new seedling for everyone to see and read.  You might note the difference in the red color between the two pictures.  This is because one picture was taken early in the morning, while the second picture was taken at a later time on Sunday morning.  And again, look at all those "white teeth." 

Well I mentioned that Diana and I went to the Region 5 Regional meeting, and we went to four gardens.  All four were outstanding gardens, and we thoroughly enjoyed every garden, but I want to focus on two of the gardens because these two will be featured when the AHS National Convention comes to Atlanta in 2015.  The first garden that we visited was the Shady Rest Garden that is owned by David and Doris Bishop.  The Bishops own a house on their multiple acres, but during the summer they live in a small cabin in the middle of their daylily garden.  The cabin is like a distant summer home, but its really where they live.  David and Doris have also incredibly improved their property. They have built walls, they have built walkways, they have a new well, plenty of water features, multiple miniature gardens, and a variety of many, many additional plants.  I particularly like the "picket fences" that I suppose they purchased at The Home Depot and improved by adding additional posts.  They then painted the fences white, and thereby really spruced up the garden even further.  It is going be a spectacular place to be seen during the Convention in 2015.

A second garden that we saw is owned by Morgan and Deb Akin.  It is on the Etowah  River.  What a scene!  I walked down to the River to take a picture.  The river is rolling along, the blue sky and the white clouds are above the river, and are even reflected by the water in the river.  The trees are so green, and the place is just heavenly. 

But I was also impressed by the Akin "barn."  Now in my barn I keep two John Deere tractors.  This is where I also keep my shovels and rakes and my fertilizer.  Plus, I keep a refrigerator for storing pollen, and cold drinks to quench my thirst when I'm working.  Well I went into the Akin "barn," but the floors were beautiful wood.  There were wooden walls, and wooden beams in the ceiling.  There was air conditioning, a bedroom, a main room, a deck, and a grand view of the river.  I later saw Morgan, and I asked him about the difference between his barn and my barn.  Morgan just smiled.  I must also add that Deb is the main gardener, and she has done wonders with her daylilies.  She is even hybridizing, and she is so pleased with her new seedlings.  I could tell you much more, but I want you to know about this special place before new summer.

Speaking of next summer's convention in Atlanta, if you want to go I would encourage you to register early.  There will only be 650 members who will be received as guests.  This is because the buses and the gardens cannot accommodate any greater number of guests.

There is one other flower that I would like to show that was blooming on Sunday when we returned home.  It is Seedling 3-350.  In fact, it has been blooming for several weeks, but the picture that I'm showing was taken this Sunday.  Although it is 20" tall, the flowers are well above the wonderfully arching foliage, and the show provided by 3-350 is just divine.  Lots of white teeth, wonderful color, plenty of buds with great branching.  This daylily will enhance gardens where it eventually grows.

More news soon.


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