Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thanks Karol

Hello Daylily Friends,

Last summer Diana and I went to Minneapolis for the AHS National Convention.  It was a wonderful convention.  As a part of the trip we were given two plants that were hybridized by Karol Emmerich.  One is named MINNESOTA NICE, and the second is named FAITH THAT MOVES MOUNTAINS.  Both plants bloomed today, and I just had to call Karol, and tell her how absolutely delighted and thrilled that Diana and I are with both plants.  Remember that we received both plants "bare root," and we just planted them in our main garden.  MINNESOTA NICE is just a  whopper of a plant: a tall scape, outstanding branching, fast growth, and a lovely flower.  I have been so satisfied with it that I am using it with a number of both my seedlings and introductions.  FAITH THAT MOVES MOUNTAINS is just the perfect dark color.  I'm going to use it to make my dark flowers bigger.  Both of these plants are going to be "deep" into my program.  I just truly admire and adore both plants.  Remember, both of these plants were put in the ground, bare root, less than a year ago.  Thanks Karol!

I also would like to let our readers know that I have finally made progress using Sandy Holmes' WALT LOWRY.  I really like my new seedling"s height and branching, and I'm sure that this seedling will qualify as a "spider."  I would note that I made quite a few daylilies using pollen from WALT LOWRY to pollenate Stamile's WILD AND FREE.  Again, I really like my new spider!  Now I'm trying to use it to set pods.

Circular patterns on seedlings have also caught my attention.  I particularly like yellow colors, with eyes that are marked by these patterns.  Several days ago I had a yellow flower to bloom, with a purple eye, and with the circular pattern.  Wow!  I am so pleased.  I'm showing a picture.  I would note that none of the circular patterns that I've bloomed have any branching.  I'm not sure how to get this into the plant.  I hope that I receive insight from someone who has knowledge based on experience.

I'm also making progress using TET. PINK STRIPES.  In fact I crossed it with a seedling, and I'm showing a picture of the bloom.  I am just so pleased.  The stripes in TET. PINK STRIPES passed to the seedling, but the result is not quite as obvious as I would like, So, I've treated the seedling with another application of TET. PINK STRIPES.  I'll see the result next year.  There is just no limit on the results that can be achieved in hybridizing daylilies.

I've got to get back out into the garden. The rain has stopped.  Again, thanks Karol for the wonderful gift plants!



  1. Wow Bill, your photos look nothing like Karols on her website. Much deeper color! I have been enjoying Blazing Cannons this week. It's clumped up really nice and full of scapes. I would be safe to say there are around 10 fans now from the single you brought me in Ohio. Hope to see you in Asheville in a couple of weeks.

    Take care

  2. Hi Marlon,

    The camera that I use is a Canon A3300 IS. It is a very ordinary camera, and can be purchased for about $75.00. I like this little "point and shoot" camera because I can carry it on my belt: it isn't heavy.

    One reason for the difference in pictures is that I use the manual setting, and I always reduce the light by one notch. Also, I always use a tripod.

    Other hybridizers, of course, use different cameras, but I know for certain that what I show is what I see.

    I do not know what type camera Karol uses.

    That is great news about BLAZING CANNONS. Now, be certain that you have controlled the "thrips" so that you can see the blooms at their best. Looking forward to your report.

    And, we will see you in Ashville.