Thursday, April 30, 2015

Exciting New Daylilies

Hello Daylily Friends,

I went to the Greenhouse this morning, and there she was:  UNDEFINABLE.  Just a glorious bloom!  Nicole DeVito has done a marvelous work with this new daylily.  I can't wait to get it fully integrated into my program.  The color on the flower was just as clear as shown by Nicole in her pictures.  Moreover, UNDEFINABLE grows faster than grass.  The question now is whether I can set pods on UNDEFINABLE.  Thanks Nicole for this great new beauty.

Another new daylily is Ted Petit's SWEET GOLDONI.  I am just amazed that this little flower bloomed as fast as it has.  I received it as a bare root seedling the last week of January, 2015.  It now has two (2) "scapes."  It is both pod and pollen fertile, and it is close to the color Ted published.  I'm sure that it will become lighter in color, with a more red self, once it is moved outside.  I am trying to cross it to a Grace seedling that has plenty of teeth.  I hope this works.  Later, I will cross it with my other seedlings that have rings in the eye of the flower.

Another bloom that I have seen over the past few days, and that I saw again this morning, is Guy Pierce's ROMAN STEEL.  This flower has just an amazing bloom, and you can't walk past it without stopping to stare.  I have plans for this beauty, and I particularly like the 7" flower, plus the height of 30 inches.  I like the wonderful purple color  and the very obvious white edging.  I wonder if "teeth" can be put on ROMAN STEEL.  Guy I can see why you put the picture of ROMAN STEEL on the cover of your catalogue.

I have to also show one of my own new seedlings.  It is a cross between THE STING! and Seedling 3-374, my 10" double.  The new seedling has teeth.  WOW.  I am so pleased with this.  I am again crossing this with Seedling 3-374, and also with HORNS.  I just don't see anything but good from these choices.

Another new Seedling is 4-534, and the cross is as follows:  (Kennesaw Mountain Hayride x Tet. Rose F. Kennedy).  It has a very long pistol, just like a spider or an unusual form flower.  However, 4-534 is pod fertile.  I've had no trouble setting pods on this beauty.  The only problem that I've had is that I often miss having all six Stamen.  I can also report that I have it growing outside and its doing quite well.  Can't wait to see how 4-534 performs after a long winter.  Did I mention that 4-534 has a width of eight (8) inches?

On a different subject, Diana and I were so fortunate to have attended "The Covenant Class" at our Church this past fall, winter and spring.  The classes were taught by our three Ministers:  Rev. Sam Matthews, Pastor Elaine Wilder, and Pastor Brian Smith.  The classes were taught for 1 1/2 hours following Wednesday night Church supper.  We learned so much, and it was especially good to be in the company of our Ministers.  At our last meeting we all had our picture taken together.

Oh, I almost forgot, a number of my "conversion efforts" are coming along quite well.  I'm particularly pleased with Rich Howard's YANKEE PINSTRIPES.  You may recall that Rich's flower has darker purple and cream stripes much like PINK STRIPES.  I mention YANKEE PINSTRIPES because it has grown a "tiny scape."  I'm hopefully going to get a look at the pollen using my microscope, and this may put me ahead of my own schedule by about a year.  I'll let everyone know what I see from examining the pollen.

Another flower that I've been trying to convert is ROSABELLE VAN VALKENBURG.  This is a small flower that Elizabeth Salter introduced back in 2008.  I mention ROSABELLE because it now has two fans that are each growing roots.  When this happens this is a good sign that the conversion work has been successful.  I've been trying to convert ROSABELLE for several years, but this time it looks like I've made good progress.

I must also mention Beautiful Lily Rae.  Our neighbor's little black dog came over into our yard, and he and Lily were just instant friends.  The dog's name is "Baby," and he let Lily pet him, and they just enjoyed each other's company.  I think Lily and her Dad have a dog, and so Lily was not starled by Baby.  We get to see Lily this evening.  So much to look forward to.



  1. wonderful pictures, love all those flowers :-)

  2. Very beautiful Seedling is 4-534, (Kennesaw Mountain Hayride x Tet. Rose F. Kennedy)

  3. Hi Delmartine,

    I agree. It is so, so big. I have been using its pollen all around the Greenhouse. Soon, I should have a bloom on TET. SUNRISE SHADOWS, an 8" dormant, and I can't wait to make this cross as well.


  4. Did you set pods on that Undefinable?