Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lily and the Blue Iris

Hello Daylily Friends,

I've had a bloom that I would like to report, which is Seedling 4-597, and the cross is as follows:  [((Wild and Free x Walt Lowry) x Tet. Rose F. Kennedy) x Tet. Rose F. Kennedy].  I started the cross using Stamile's WILD AND FREE, which I then crossed using Sandy Holmes' WALT LOWRY.  The seedling from this cross is Seedling 3-433 with which I am well pleased, and which I will introduce soon.  I then crossed 3-433 with TET. ROSE F. KENNEDY, and then I made a second cross with TET. ROSE.  I am very pleased with this new seedling as well, and my question for myself is whether the new seedling is pod fertile.  It will have two blooms tomorrow that I will again cross, but using TET. ASHEE DASHEE as the pollen parent.  Wish me luck with the cross.

I would like to also report about my Seedling 4-570, and the cross is as follows:  (Irish Halo x Diana's Irish Dream). I have grown this Seedling outside for two years, and the final measurements are as follows:  28" tall, 4-way branching, 17 buds, and a 6" flower.  I think that 4-570 has the best green edge of any flower that I've grown.  It is pod and pollen fertile, but it has a corduroy appearance on its petals and sepals.  I like it notwithstanding this corduroy texture.

As always, we've had a tough winter.  The temperatures were moderate, and then there were days when it is bitterly cold.  Then there was wind and snow and worse.  Finally, spring arrived.  I thought that we were completely past anymore disappointing weather, but then it happened.  The sun was shining, and suddenly it was raining, and then the hail came in vast numbers of pellets.  There was damage to the daylilies, but Diana was more concerned about the damage done to her Hostas.  The Hosta leaves were really pelted, and there are many holes in the leaves from the hail.  I suppose that we never escape unpredictable weather.

I have several things to report about Lily Rae.  We took Lily to see the Koi fish, and she was delighted.  We saw many large pools where the Koi were kept for sale, and they seemed to know they had visitors.  We ultimately picked out two Koi for our pond, and we bought them, and now they are happy with our other fish.  At the Koi store they also had two white ducks which Lily really liked.  She wanted to get close but of course we wouldn't let her.  Then, I decided to hold her and we went as close to the ducks as we could.  Lily had the most fun and she laughed and laughed, while keeping her eye on the duck that was interested in her shoes.

Indeed, Lily had a number of adventures over the week-end.  She was particularly interested in our Blue Iris, and she specifically made the effort to experience the possible fragrance of the Iris.  She pulled the flower to her nose and inhaled.  There might have been a fragrance because she just smiled as she continued to hold the flower.  The Irises were given to use by former Club members, and we've certainly enjoyed seeing them bloom.  We've particularly enjoyed the White Irises.



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