Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hello Daylily Friends,
Our Cobb County Daylily Society met on Sunday afternoon, on August 2, 2015, and we received a wonderful report on the success of our AHS National Convention.  Our efforts were entirely successful, and all of our costs have been paid in full.  In addition, our Region Treasurer, Jack Rigsby, reported that both the Atlanta and Cobb County Clubs have each been reimbursed their investments of $7,500.00.  Plus, each Club received the additional amount of  $2,500.00.  Then, I was reading The Dixie Daylily, and Oliver Billingslea wrote the following:  "On Friday and Saturday we visited the gardens, and I must say that the eight gardens were uniformly the best I’ve ever seen at a National Convention."  This is indeed a great credit and compliment coming from our friend Oliver who has seen every National Convention going back at least 20 years.  Camilla and Jack, and each of our leaders, did a superb work in making our Convention the best.
Every year the both Region 5 and the AHS have photography contests.  Well, I took a picture of a very small grasshopper who was sitting in the bloom of one of my new seedlings.  I took the picture with my small, Canon Powershot Camera, and I think that I got quite a good result.  In fact, I'm thinking of entering my picture in both photography contests.
We also have visitors come to the garden who just want to see what is being done.  Last week we had a wonderful visit with Kris and Jedy and their two sons, Jonathan and Jordan.  Kris is very well educated and he teaches, and he wants to know more about "conversion work."  I gave some help and showed Kris what I'm doing now to convert more plants beginning this fall.  I also gave Kris several articles to read, in addition to my own, which I think he may also find to be helpful.  Good luck Kris with your conversion work!
Speaking of conversion work, I am so, so pleased that this past week I finally finished getting the Greenhouse clean.  I have prepared quite a few plants to be treated with Colchicine in late September, and perhaps in early October.  Also, having the Greenhouse clean means that I can now begin to study the many seeds I made this past Spring and Summer.  I will choose the seeds that I think are the best, and will plant most of the seeds outside. However, I will plant about 320 seeds in the Greenhouse. 
While I've been busy cleaning the Greenhouse, our cat, Sammy, continues to prove himself to be a very determined predator.  For example, I saw Sammy sitting near what appeared to be a hole where a Chipmunk lived.  Sammy was obviously watching the hole, waiting for the Chipmunk to exit.  Then, within the blink of an eye, Sammy had the Chipmunk in his mouth.  Sammy may be 10+ in years of age, but he is still very fast.  Diana always pats him on the head when he catches a Chipmunk.  He is the best cat.
This past Saturday afternoon we had a wonderful adventure.  It was "Fan Day" at Georgia Tech, and fans were invited to come to Bobby Dodd Stadium to meet the Coaches and players.  So we took Lily to Bobby Dodd Stadium, and she just had the most wonderful fun.  She met Buzz, Tech's Mascot, as well as the Cheerleaders.  She examined Buzz very closely, and when the visit was finished she leaped into her Grandfather's arms and smiled as big as I've ever seen her smile.  Lily likes Buzz and she likes Georgia Tech.
Lily even sat on Tech's "Ramblin Reck" car with her Grandfather.  She thought the car was the most fun.  We have several replicas of the Reck here at the house, and she likes to play with them.  Then, for her to actually see the Ramblin Reck, changed everything.  I think she may always remember Saturday afternoon.
Back here at the house, we are being visited regularly by too many deer.  Then, to our surprise, a big buck also appeared.  He had large antlers, and he is eating Diana's Okra and is also eating some of her daylily pods where seeds are growing.  We cry out for help from a Hunter, but the Deer keep coming and eating.  Surely there is a bow hunter who can keep these deer away.
More news soon as I sort through my seeds and get them planted.


  1. Hi Bill-
    From what parentage does the "new, blue" seedling come? Looks pretty nice!

  2. Hi dwhr,

    I also admired the daylily, but it was a bloom on a first year seedling so I didn't record the parentage.