Monday, November 9, 2015

AHS Awards and Honors for 2015

Hello Daylily Friends,

Diana and I are so pleased that so many of you, all across the Country, voted for several of our flowers for AHS 2015 Awards and Honors.  I'm particularly pleased for Diana because her first  introduction, LEMON CURLS, won the AHS "HONORABLE MENTION" award.  I would note that LEMON CURLS was seen at this year's National Convention, and it is so beautiful that it was selected for second place for the Ned Roberts Spider/Unusual Form award.  GREEN INFERNO won the award with 39 votes, and LEMON CURLS received 23 votes.  I'm just so proud of Diana for having won the HONORABLE MENTION AWARD with her very first introduction.  Well done Diana Rae!

I was also very pleased that my own LYDIA'S REGAL ROBE won the AWARD OF MERIT.  It received 62 votes, which was second highest number of votes given to any flower.  LYDIA is unique because, although it is purple in color, it nevertheless holds its color quite well throughout the day.  The parentage includes TET. INDIAN GIVER which was my first conversion.  LYDIA is tall and is easily seen across the garden when compared to other daylilies.  It is just a beauty, and I'm so delighted that so many daylily friends agree.  This is my first daylily to have achieved the AWARD OF MERIT.

I was also fortunate to have won two HONORABLE MENTION awards.  RED SAPPHIRE and MARIETTA HEARTBEAT both won the award.  I've always enjoyed both flowers, and it is good to know that others also like these flowers.  RED SAPPHIRE has a wonderful triangular red eye, and there are teeth on the edge of the petals.  When I first introduced RED SAPPHIRE I didn't particularly appreciate the teeth, but I do now.  As for MARIETTA HEARTBEAT, I've always enjoyed the purple color, and I thought that it was a good daylily, and now I am encouraged because it has received many votes from 4 separate regions.  I think that I've now been privileged to have won 9 HONORABLE MENTION awards.

In addition to these awards, I was also privileged to have won the  2015 EUGENE S. FOSTER Award for the best late blooming daylily.  KENNESAW MOUNTAIN LEMON SORBET won the award with 65 votes.  I have to show a picture of LEMON SORBET.  When everything else has bloomed I always look forward to seeing LEMON SORBET.  It is so clean and bright and beautiful.  The lovely white color is so, so adorable.  Thank you AHS for this coveted award.

Back during the National Convention in June, I thought that we had received the best award of all when BLAZING CANNONS won THE PRESIDENT'S CUP.  Then our members from Oregon to New York, from Kentucky to Ohio, and all across the Country lifted our hearts with even more awards.  With this encouragement, we're going to keep working on producing new daylilies until the Lord calls us home.  It is genuinely a delight working on this incredible flower.

We are so astonished with these votes of confidence because this past weekend we were at a Sunday School Class Retreat.  We could not be close to our computer to receive the "instant" news.  We went to Cohutta Springs in far North Georgia, and we were led by Rev. Joe Peabody.  It was a wonderful retreat and Rev. Peabody led our study with a specific focus on First John.  Rev. Peabody has a special place in our Church, and in our hearts,  I'm showing a picture of our Class when being led by Rev. Peabody.

This coming Friday we again have the privilege of being with Ms. Lily Rae, our beloved granddaughter.  We will see her beginning at 4:00 p.m., and we can hardly wait.  On Saturday, two weeks ago, we went with Lily Rae to visit with her Mother when she was on "break" at Macy's Department Store.  Mom took the moment to read a story to Lily Rae which Lily thoroughly enjoyed.  On Sunday morning we went to a Church luncheon where Lily Rae met with one of her friends, Locklin, the young grandson of our Sunday School friends.  At the luncheon Lily enjoyed hot dogs, shredded cheese, and fruit.  It was a special day!

Diana and I want to again thank our Daylily friends for voting for our flowers.  We are very, very humbled and grateful.


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