Thursday, December 3, 2015

2016 Introductions

Hello Daylily Friends,

I'm working on getting everything finished to soon publish our brochure of our 2016 introductions. However, I wanted everyone who reads this blog to see these daylilies first.

ARTILLERY FIRE.  (Wild and Free x Walt Lowry).  Sev.  Tet.  Early to mid-season blooms.  44” tall, 4-way branching, 23 buds, 12” flower.  We went to Ohio where I saw Sandy Holmes’ WALT LOWRY blooming in her garden, and I was mesmerized.  Astonishing beauty!  I had to have WALT LOWRY, and I was fortunate that Sandy let me grow her flower.  I wanted WALT LOWRY because of its beauty, and because one of its parents was TET. SKINWALKER.  I then crossed WALT LOWRY with Stamile’s WILD AND FREE and the result was my new introduction.    It has a bold burgundy color with a large and distinctive green eye that extends into the petals and sepals, and the twisted crispate form on the petals and sepals just immeasurably enhances its beauty.  It really stands out in the garden!  Pollen fertile.  $100.00.

KENNESAW CROSSFIRE.  ((((Red Skies Over Kennesaw Mountain x Glory in Red) x Fear Not) x Tet. Uncle Bryan) x ((Spiney Sea Urchin x (Heartbeat of Heaven x Johnny Cash)) x Mort Morss))).  Dor.  Tet.  Early to mid-season blooms.   27” tall, 5-way branching, 31 buds, 5” flower.  When I first saw KENNESAW CROSSFIRE blooming in the garden, I knew then that it would be an introduction.  Its red color was strong, and then there were all those white teeth.  Here is how KENNESAW CROSSFIRE came to have its name:  About 300 yards behind our garden there are about 960 feet of Civil War breastworks.  Still today, these breastworks remain undisturbed.  I just thought that the name KENNESAW CROSSFIRE was a good fit considering the battles that were fought right here practically in our back yard.  Garden visitors voted for KENNESAW CROSSFIRE to receive the prestigious 2015 AHS Junior Citation Award.  Pod and pollen fertile.  $200.00.

KENNESAW BLUE SAPPHIRE.  (Desire of Nations x (Shirley Anne McCord x Gnashing of Teeth)).  Sev.  Tet.  Early to Mid-season blooms.  31” tall, 3-way branching, 16 buds, 6.25” flower.  KENNESAW BLUE SAPPHIRE is a purple beet color with a spicy blue eye and a deep green throat.  There is also an ivory edge on the petals and sepals where teeth often appear.  I also always liked the name RED SAPPHIRE, one of my prior introductions which has just won has just won a 2015 AHS Honorable Mention Award, and I thought that KENNESAW BLUE SAPPHIRE was so special that it should likewise have a special name.  Hence, the name KENNESAW BLUE SAPPHIRE was chosen.  Pod and Pollen fertile.  $100.00.

BURNT HICKORY.  (Tet. Handsome Ross Carter x seedling).  Sev.  Tet.  Early to Mid-season blooms.  32” tall, 5-way branching, 25 buds, 6.25” flower.  BURNT HICKORY is orange with a blaze of burnt orange across the petals and sepals, along with a green eye that becomes yellow, combined with a lovely ruffled edge.  Garden visitors voted for BURNT HICKORY to receive the prestigious 2015 AHS Junior Citation Award.  The name BURNT HICKORY was suggested by my friend Claude Carpenter.  Claude explained that he chose the name because Burnt Hickory Road is so close to our house, and because of the beautiful orange color.  Pollen fertile.  $100.00.
DENTAL DELIGHT.  ((Shirley Anne McCord x Gnashing of Teeth) x (Shirley Anne McCord x Gnashing of Teeth)).  Dor.  Tet.  Mid-season blooms.  28” tall, 5-way branching, 25 buds, 5.5” flower.  This is a dormant that requires cold weather to truly show the astonishing color of the flower with its beautiful white teeth.  I have taken many pictures of this flower over the past two years, and the picture that I’m showing is the best that I’ve been able to document.  The white teeth in the picture just make me think of what a Dentist might say when seeing such perfect teeth.   DENTAL DELIGHT won the Best Seedling Award at our Daylily Show in 2014.  Pod and Pollen fertile.  $150.00.
OPA KLAUS.  (Buzz Saw Boogie x Tet. Sunglasses Needed).  Ev.  Tet.  Double.  Early to Mid-season blooms.  26” tall, 4-way branching, 18 buds, 10” flower.  My friend Marlee Price brought the diploid SUNGLASSES NEEDED to me several years ago after it was chosen as the “Best in Show” in Savannah, Georgia.  Marlee thought that this diploid might help me in my hybridizing program if I could get it converted.  I was able to get it converted and it produced OPA KLAUS.  The name OPA KLAUS was given by my friend, Marcia Zech, from Mercer Island, Washington.  Marcia earned the privilege of choosing the name by winning the right at the 2015 AHS National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.  OPA KLAUS means grandfather in German.  Pod and Pollen fertile, but a more difficult pod parent.  $250.00.

LILY’S CHRISTMAS SLIPPERS.  (Tet. Dreamworld x The Blessing of Freedom).  Sev.  Tet.  Early to Mid-season blooms.  34” tall, 5-way branching, 30 buds, 6.5” flower.  Our granddaughter, Lily, received pink slippers as a Christmas gift, and she has enjoyed these slippers every time we’re together.  This new introduction is almost the same color as Lily’s slippers, and hence the name, LILY’S CHRISTMAS SLIPPERS.  The flower on LILY’S PINK SLIPPERS has a pink self with an ivory eye along with an ivory edge on the petals. It has a green eye that turns yellow, which then blends into the ivory eye.  There is also a lovely ruffled edge on the petals.  Pod and pollen fertile.  $100.00.

KYLIE BUG.  (Angels Gather Around x (Within the Veil x Tet. Love’s Purest Light)).  Sev.  Tet.  Early to Mid-season blooms.  34” tall, 5-way branching, 32 buds, 5.5” flower.  This is a very special yellow flower.  It is tall, it has multiple branches, and in fact I’ve seen it bloom with 7-way branching.  It was named for Kylie Myers, a very talented 12 year old who died as a result of Sarcoma Cancer.  Yellow was Kylie’s favorite color, and there were over 2,500 people who attended her funeral.  Practically everyone at the funeral wore something that was yellow.  This was indeed a special tribute to a precious child.  Kylie’s nickname was KYLIE BUG, and so this lovely yellow introduction has her nickname.  Pod and Pollen fertile.  $100.00. 

I hope that you like our 2016 introductions!



  1. Outstanding introductions as I would expect from you!! Where is that gorgeous tetra ORANGE VELVET kid that I thought you were going to intro?

  2. Hi William,

    Well, I had too many introductions and I just couldn't get one more into the "intro list." I'll put it out next year. I'm so glad that you like the 2016 collection!