Thursday, April 14, 2016

Visiting with The Mississippi Gulf Coast Daylily Society

Hello Daylily Friends,

This past Friday morning Diana and I left the house enroute to Biloxi, Mississippi, to be the guests of The Mississippi Gulf Coast Daylily Society.  The trip was an easy drive although it did take approximately 7 hours.  Diana did most of the driving.  We stopped once at a McDonald's Restaurant, and made another stop at the Dairy Queen for ice cream.  When we arrived in Biloxi we were met at the "Beau Rivage" Casino and Hotel by Ms. Edna Shaw.  Edna was so kind and helpful!  Edna showed us around the Hotel, she showed us many restaurants, and of course we walked through the Casino, which was very large.

Edna pointed out that all of the flowers in the hotel are "fresh." That is to say, they are all live plants, and are kept in first class condition. In particular, there were blue Hydrangeas everywhere.  Being gardeners we thought that this was all very good.  One particular arrangement was a massive vase full of flowers on a large table.  I took Diana's picture as she admired the flowers.  Then right around the corner there was a "bicycle" that was literally and actually covered with flowers.  Lily Rae would have like the "flowered bicycle," because she so much enjoys riding her own bike.

After giving us a wonderful tour of the Beau Rivage, Edna helped see us to our room, and soon bid us "Goodnight," Our room was fabulous; What a room!  Massive sized bed, very large television, hugh bathroom.  For a short time we watched TV, and then unpacked, and planned our evening.  We wanted to go walking, and we also decided that we would have dinner at the Hotel.  So we went on a hike to adjacent Casinos, and we saw lots of gambling and caught a glimpse of the Gulf of Mexico.  After our walk and after Dinner, Diana wanted to go to the Casina, and so we did.

Diana walked through the entire Casino.  There was liquor, there was smoking, there were so many people.  We watched a few people play card games, and then Diana went to the "Quarter" machines.  She pulled our a number of bills, which the Quarter machines easily accepted.  I must report that she never saw those dollar bills again, and I didn't either.  Once they were put into the machines, they were gone.  At the end of the evening Diana received a "pay out" of 21 cents.  Well, it was fun.

The next morning we walked across the "Bixoli Bay Bridge."  Truly a marvel of modern engineering.  The entire structure was a combination of steel and concrete.  There was a separate walkway for pedestrians, and the view was spectacular.  Along the walkway there were carvings done by various artists, and then I noticed that one of the artists was Mr. Robert Waldrop.  I was so delighted to see someone with my last name who was an Artist.  I knew from my Daylily Trip that included the Appomattox Courthouse, that one of the soldiers who was with General Lee at the surrender was a soldier from Mississippi.  I wonder whether there is a connection between the soldier and Mr. Robert Waldrop.

Soon we were back to the reason for our travel: To be with the members of The Mississippi Gulf Coast Daylily Society.  We met many members of the Club at McElroy's Seafood Restaurant.  We had a massive table next to a large glass window, and we ordered our lunch.  Diana always orders shrimp, but I ordered a platter of Oysters.  We talked with members of the Club, and it was good to see old friends such as Bill and Teresa Robinson, and the Club President, Ms. Bonnie Lingel.  Back at the Club meeting. We were happy to see Earl and Barbara Watts, and John and Nancy Falck, who have been dear friends for so many years.  We presented our show and then there was the auction.  All so much fun, and soon we were driving back to Georgia.

Back to the Greenhouse.  I don't know how it happens, but I often get a plant converted, and then diploids show up with the tetraploid.  So frustrating.  I just have to be more watchful to eliminate the diploids.  One plant that I knew that I had converted was Lee Pickles' CHOO CHOO CABOOSE.  Then Lee told me he was setting empty pods that soon died.  Well this spring I was determined, again, to identify the tetraploid, and eliminate the imposter diploids.  I've been successful and I've set quite a few pods with TET. CHOO CHOO CABOOSE.  I just want to see more reds and TET. CHOO CHOO is one that I want in my program.  I'm showing a picture of TET. CHOO CHOO as well as a picture of the pollen.

Another plant that I've been trying to convert is TET. ROSABELLE VAN VALKENBURGH.  The pollen on the plant is not very good, but I was hoping to get it converted to the point that it could be used as a "Pod parent."  Well, after years of effort, I think that I've finally been successful.  I have ROSABELLE converted, and I've set it with two pods.  The pollen parent is TET. YANKEE PINSTRIPES.  I set the pods back in early February, and I'm showing a picture of the pods from this morning.  It seems to me that these are good pods that will soon mature.  When the pods are ripe, and the seeds can be harvested, I'll show a picture.

I've also started to see new seedlings.  One of the new daylilies is Seedling 6-25 which is a cross between my own Seedling 3-351, and Guy Pierce's SMILING COBRA.  My 3-351 doesn't have much branching, but I've been impressed with the branching on SMILING COBRA.  My new Seedling 6-25 is my first numbered seedling for this year, and of course I'm showing a picture.  I've set several pods on 6-25 using TET. GARRETT ALLEN as the pollen parent.  TET. GARRETT ALLEN has good branching.

Another new daylily is Seedling 6-26, which is a cross between MAN-EATING BAT, and my own Seedling 5-725.  Seedling 6-26 is very tall, and I've also set it with pollen from TET. YANKEE PINSTRIPES.  I'm also crossing 6-26 with my 2016 introduction, DENTAL DELIGHT.  White teeth are hard to produce, but we're making progress, and I hope that I have more seedlings similar to 6-26 with even better branching.

It seems that Easter came so early this year.  We got up Easter Morning and we took Ms. Lily Rae and went to Church.  There was no Sunday School on Easter morning so Lily Rae sat with myself and Diana in Church.  She was just the perfect Parishoner.  She sat still and listened to Pastor Sam Matthews, and she enjoyed being with Grandma and Grandpa.  It was Lily Rae's first sermon.  After Church we went to Breakfast which was being served in the Family Life Hall.  Lily Rae likes "Bacon" and this was what she specifically asked for to be put on her plate.  Lily Rae is certainly a blessing in our lives.

Thanks again to The Mississippi Gulf Coast Society for your invitation for us to come and visit.

More news soon


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