Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cobb County's 2016 Daylily Show

Hello Daylily Friends,

So much I need to tell everyone about, but rather than try to cover all that has happened lately, I will focus on our 2016 Cobb County Daylily Society "Daylily Show."  This year was a new adventure.  Instead of holding a joint show with the Atlanta Club, each Club held a separate show.  We lost our "preference" with the Galleria Mall partly because of the Atlanta Braves coming to play baseball in Cobb County.  So, we decided to have our show in the Church where our Club meets, the Marietta First United Methodist Church.  Even though the Church is close to our house, I still had difficulty trying to enter the flowers that I brought.  Nevertheless, I got it done.  I also entered 5 flowers in the Ophelia Taylor competition.  I won't know for a while as to whether I was successful.

Jim Mullins was the star of our Show, and won with the "Best in Show" award for his entry of JOURNEY TO OZ.  Jim won several other awards as well, and pictures of Jim's winning entries can be seen on our website:  I'm showing a picture of all who had winning entries including Katielou Green who is shown with her entry of HEAVENLY UNITED WE STAND.  Katielou also won the best large flower award for her entry of EL DESPERADO.  We also had a young man, Mr. Tucker Gaby, who won the Youth Award with his entry of QUIRKY.

Young Mr. Tucker Gaby, and his father, Todd,  were a great help to our Club.  Tucker and his Dad drove down from the Great State of Tennessee to be with us.  If Tucker's Dad had wanted, he could have just sat somewhere, but instead, he helped us with our flower preparation by bringing bottles filled with water to our preparation tables.  Thanks Todd and Tucker for coming and being a part of our show: we like your matching shirts!

We were also very blessed and fortunate to have an outstanding panel of highly respected Judges.  We were truly pleased to have the President of AHS, Ms. Nikki Schmith, to lead our Judging panel.  Then we also had Dr. Scott Elliott, who is the President of Georgia's Region 5.  Scott has just published a book for AHS entitled, "Double Daylilies".  Then we had Ms. Marion Tyus, who has helped us with our Judging in the past, and who has years of experience in her work as a Senior Judge.  We were also really pleased to have Mr. Tim Herrington who is a renowned author, and who has won many awards including the Donn Fischer Memorial Award for his introduction, MAYOR OF MUNCHKINLAND.  Then we were also very pleased to have Ms. Libby Hickman and Ms. Joy Saputa as Junior Judges.  Libby and Joy traveled from Tennessee to be with us, and they helped complete our tremendous panel of well experienced Judges.  We also had three Judges who chose the winning entry in the "Design Section."  The Blue Ribbon winner was Camilla Arthur, and the Design Judges were Jane Davis, JoAnn Dorsey and Karin Guzy.  Thanks to all of our Judges!

We had several sections that were fully staffed that added to our show.  For example, we had an "Educational Exhibit," and I'm showing a picture.  Those who helped with the Educational information included Bob Overstreet, Serena Verner, Suzanne Franklin and Debbie Overstreet.  We also had an outside Sales Table headed by Mr. Gene McCord.  After all tabulations we've found that we received $2,687.98.  This is the most we have ever received from any show, anywhere, over the past 11 years.  We received sufficient income to pay for using the Church Family Life Hall, we paid for our Judges, and we also paid for all other costs, and we have a nice profit.  This is a tremendous accomplishment.  Thanks Gene and thanks also to all who helped!

I usually add a few daylilies every year from other gardens, and this year we received a grand surprise.  Our friend, Melanie Mason, from New York sent us her introduction, HALL OF JUSTICE.  I knew that it was black and that Melanie reported very good results with the plant in New York, but I had no expectation that it would be a spectacular plant in our garden.  It rained the night before I took its picture, but the rain made no difference.  The flower was not marked or blotched; instead, it looked pristine perfect.  I was also pleased at the height and branching on the plant.  It is about 36 to 38" tall with at least 2 laterals.  It is easily pod and pollen fertile, and this morning I've pollenated it again even though the temperature today will be in the range of 90 degrees.  Thanks Melanie for HALL OF JUSTICE. I also really like its bright green throat.

I've also have a red daylily that I want to mention.  It is Seedling 5-797, and here is the cross: (Wild and Free x Walt Lowry) x Tet. Rose F. Kennedy.  It is a wonderful flower with lots of substance.  It is 29" tall, with 2-way branching, 15 buds, and a 7" Flower.  I also have a red daylily with teeth, and it is Seedling 6-58, and here is the cross:  (4-544 x Tooth Fairy Princess)  It is lovely but it doesn't hold too well in the hot sun.  I've been crossing the two daylilies together to gain teeth while holding the thick substance of 5-797.  I've since started to use 5-797 on a number of other reds, and I've even begun using it on Larry Grace's A KISS AT MIDNIGHT.

I've got one more story to report.  On Saturday morning my friends, Mike Barwick and Ricky "Termite" Merritt from South Georgia were visiting in the Garden.  I showed Mike and Termite my Seedling 3-355, and Mike said, "Look, its blue in the face."  Immediately I knew what to name my new seedling.  I expected to call it BLUE IN THE FACE, but my good friend, our Registrar Elizabeth, tells me the name was takes several years ago.  No problem, I will call it KENNESAW BLUE IN THE FACE.  It is 28" tall, 4-way branching, 17 Buds, and a 5 3/4" flower.  It is a semi-evergreen.  It has a long cross which is as follows:  [(Bluegrass Memories x (Tet. Lavender Blue Baby x Tet. Crystal Blue Persuasion) x Blue Beat].  It is also pod and pollen fertile.  Just a beautiful daylily.

Lily Rae was with Grandma and Grandpa last week, and it was indeed such a splendid week.  Lily Rae went 3 days to Art Camp at Church.  She drew, she painted, she colored, she made so many objects of art that we were truly surprised when we visited with her on Thursday morning.  She pointed to her creations which had been attached to the wall, and she explained how she did several of her new drawings.  It was just such a thrill.  Then, her Dad made arrangements for her to take swimming lessons.  So we were privileged to take Lily Rae to one lesson on Wednesday afternoon.  The two young men who were learning with Lily Rae were somewhat stiff in learning, but Lily Rae truly trusted her instructor, and she was limber and did so, so well.  It was just such a treat to be with Lily Rae.

More news coming soon.


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